CORE will remain closed on Sundays permanently, Telephone Counseling available

Changing lives.

Our Mission

C.O.R.E. stands for Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Experience At CORE, we offer an array of treatment services. Our motto is “Recovery with Respect”. C.O.R.E. Medical Clinic, Inc. is a family run business that treats opioid dependence utilizing evidence-based medications.

Who we are

CORE is active in the Sacramento community in the following ways:

We interact with various agencies and government organizations to help drive important drug policies regarding addiction and opioid use disorder treatment.


Educating the community

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Providing resources

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Providing treatment

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We are proud of our team!

Congrats to
Dr. Summers!

Our very own Dr. Summers has received an award from the California State Treasurer Fiona Ma in recognition for his hard work and dedication to the opioid addiction field. We couldn't be prouder to have him on our team!


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Meet the team!

Recovery with Respect!

To give our patients the best help they deserve,
we have the best team in place!

Meet Our Founder,
Dr. Stenson!

In 1973, Dr. Stenson began treating opiate addicts while a psychiatric resident at UCD School of Medicine at our current location. In 1980, he was one of the founding partners in Bi-Valley Medical Clinic to contract with the county to treat  the 150 methadone maintenance patients in that program.

In 2009, Bi-Valley divided and C.O.R.E Medical was formed to continue the operations at 2100 Capitol Avenue.  Dr. Stenson, the owner, is board certified in 'Psychiatry and Neurology' and 'Addiction Medicine'.

He has always been involved in educating others about opiate addiction, conducting numerous community workshops and is finalizing a book, titled, MOUD, Medications for Opioid Use Disorder, The Basics, What Each Patient, Support Person, and Staff Should Know.

Meet our Program Director, Garrett Stenson!

Garrett Stenson is the Program Director.  He graduated with a degree in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University in 1997 and earned his Master’s Degree in Social Work from CSUS in 2001.

Garrett has served as a Program Director in the field since 2004 and has over 25 years of experience in MAT. Garrett enjoys interacting with patients and doing presentations in the local community to help reduce stigma in our patient population, which they too frequently experience.

Meet our Business Services Director, Marshall Stenson!

Marshall Stenson is the Business Services Director.  Marshall graduated with a Business Degree from Cal State University of Monterey Bay.

He has been working in the Medication Assisted treatment field for over 20 years in various roles from HR assistant to Clinic Manager before becoming the Business Services Director.  Marshall has spent significant time engaging different payers to cover treatment to help expand access to Medication Assisted treatment.

Meet our Clinic Manager,
Sally Wynn!

Sally Wynn, Dr. AD, Clinic Manager.  Sally earned her Doctorate Degree with the Breining Institute, has been a certified substance use counselor for over 27 years and has worked for C.O.R.E. for over 7 years.

Sally developed and co-authored curriculum for the first known counselor training manual and creation of the first known counselor certification for MAT counselors.  Sally has a passion for helping the patient recover and cultivating counselors to better meet the patient where they’re at.  

Medical Staff, MD,
Phillip Summers!

Phillip Summers, MD MPH completed his training in Emergency Medicine and has a true passion for Addiction Medicine.  Dr. Summers has been working with C.O.R.E. since 2020.

He has worked in several local Emergency Departments, and is the Assistant Program Director for the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at UC Davis, hosting fellows and medical students at CORE.  Dr. Summers has an interest in innovative buprenorphine starts and polysubstance use disorders, including benzodiazepines tapers and medications for stimulant and alcohol use disorders.  He also works with local harm reduction organizations and interfaces with local jails and Emergency Departments to push for equitable treatment for people who use drugs.

Medical Staff, NP,
Katelyn Sharp!

Katelyn Sharp has been working as a Nurse Practitioner at C.O.R.E. since 2018. Katelyn earned her degree at Vanderbilt University.

She began her NP career in primary care, and just so happened to get an opportunity to shadow for a day in a new MAT program. That day kickstarted her interest in addiction medicine, and she now never wants to do anything else. Katelyn conducts patient admissions and provides critical medical care to our patient population.

Medical Director, MD,
‍‍Christine Bell

Medical Director, Christine Bell, M.D., was trained as an anesthesiologist but has exclusively practiced in Addiction Medicine at C.O.R.E. since its inception in 2009. Our amazing Dr. Bell is board certified in both addiction medicine and anesthesia. She was also nominated Sacramento's top doctors 2021 and 2022. She graduated from MCP Hahnemann in 2001 and completed her residency in anesthesiology from UCD in 2005.

Dr. Bell runs the pregnancy program at C.O.R.E. She works with each pregnant patient to improve the outcome of both baby and mother. Dr. Bell’s community focus is on educating local children and school administrators about Narcan.

Medical Staff, PA-C,
Parita Shah

Parita Shah is a Physician Assistant at C.O.R.E. specializing in MAT. With nearly 10 years of psychiatry experience, she is dedicated to providing compassionate care to unhoused, veteran, incarcerated, and underprivileged communities. Parita received her training from Wayne State University in Detroit, and is committed to advocating for those who have been traditionally underserved. In Michigan, she served as an elected university representative and spearheaded initiatives to provide resources for LGBTQ+ and minority populations.

Parita is an advocate for holistic mental healthcare and works with representatives to pass legislation to support this cause. At C.O.R.E., she collaborates with our multidisciplinary team to provide personalized, non-judgmental treatment for our patients. She also leads classes on meditation and yoga to help with healing and recovery in the community.

Our amazing history.


The owner of C.O.R.E., Dr. Stenson, worked at the 2100 Capitol Avenue clinic in 1973 when it was run by UC Davis Medical Clinic.

July 2009

Dr. Stenson continued to run the MAT clinic under Bi-Valley until CORE spun off on July 1, 2009.

May 2019

In May of 2019, C.O.R.E. opened our second location in West Sacramento (3990 Industrial Blvd.) and treats approximately 1000 patients between the two clinics.

2019 - today

C.O.R.E.’s work with opioid dependent patients is guided by the awareness that addiction is an illness and that our patients merit respect and attempts at understanding, as do any patients suffering from any disease..

Our staff are compassionate, demonstrate a willingness to listen and offer guidance through our patient’s recovery journey. Attempting to understand our patient's experience with patient centered treatment is the basis of our helping efforts.  
Our population of patients have a history of being stigmatized more than any other patient group.  We strive to ensure these biases and stereotypes are not involved in treatment. It is this overall philosophy that guides the various services C.O.R.E. provides.

We love our amazing patients!

A grateful patient dedicated this poem
to our beloved CORE Team.
Who I was before
How much I'm now blessed with
I love my clinic CORE

The people there who touched me
Brought me from drowning back to
shore Helping so many around me
I love my clinic CORE

And when those who need it most
Go to them instead of score
They receive help with dignity
I love my clinic CORE

A Dr and his whole family
Gave of themselves and so much
more Saving lives in their community
I love my clinic CORE

They fight on the front lines
They're the stuff of legend and lore
Fighting in the ring of cruel addiction
I love my clinic Core
An army of counselors
Many having fought themselves
before Now bring others to recovery
I love my clinic Core

In my daily life
I'm lost to opiods no more
I now survive and thrive
I love my clinic CORE

If you feel lost and all alone
Stuck in a life out of control
There's a better life beyond addiction
I love my clinic Core

It is not always easy
Just find a way to their doors
A whole new life truly awaits you
I'll forever love my clinic CORE

Our Locations

CORE will remain closed on Sundays permanently, Telephone Counseling available