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Christine Bell, M.D

A Look at Unhealthy Norms in the Path to Opioid Recovery


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Myths and stigmas around Methadone Recovery often form roadblocks on the path to healing. At CORE Medical Clinic, we're dispelling these misconceptions and shedding light on the reality of Methadone Recovery. ๐Ÿ™Œ Our latest article, featuring Dr. Bell's insightful exploration of unhealthy norms in addiction recovery, underscores the importance of support, understanding, and a clear perspective in overcoming opioid addiction. Don't let stigma stand in the way of a healthier, brighter future. Dive into our article and join us in breaking down barriers

Dr. Bell, a committed professional at CORE Medical Clinic, an opioid treatment clinic, recently shared insights regarding an issue frequently arising during patient interactions โ€“ understanding what constitutes 'normal.' It's an essential conversation that significantly influences the course of recovery from addiction.


Many individuals, during their addiction phase, tend to shed relationships that existed before the onset of addiction. Childhood friends, family members, and those not immersed in substance use often fall out of their life. Consequently, they lose their foundational point of view, their connection to a 'normal' they once knew. This transformation often results in a distorted perception of normalcy that may not align with health or well-being.Over time, many patients adapt to highly unhealthy environments, failing to recognize the severity of their situation.


This unsettlingly common occurrence is something healthcare providers like Dr. Bell aim to address, helping patients understand that such circumstances aren't normal or healthy.


One case involved a woman who, despite having undergone several dangerous pregnancies and despite doctors' warnings, was pressured by her husband to remain pregnant and forgo birth control. This situation highlights an unhealthy environment that has been normalized due to external pressure, leading to potential health risks.In another case, a male patient was forced by his wife to sever ties with his own sister due to his wife's grudge against her.


This situation escalated until the patient lost contact with his parents as well. This narrative reveals another unhealthy 'normal' scenario driven by manipulation and control. These instances underline how a skewed perception of normalcy can hinder the recovery journey. It's crucial to acknowledge that such situations are not healthy or normal, regardless of how familiar they may seem. Attaining a healthier perspective is a critical step in the recovery process.At CORE Medical Clinic, the focus is on helping patients navigate these challenges, redefining their understanding of what a healthy 'normal' looks like.


This forms part of the clinic's holistic approach to treating opioid addiction, which emphasizes not only medical intervention but also the broader social and environmental factors contributing to addiction and recovery.CORE Medical Clinic is committed to ensuring no one feels alone in their journey. If you or someone you know needs help, reaching out can be the first step towards a healthier, happier life