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Combatting the Opioid Crisis in Sacramento Schools with CORE Medical Clinic



Fentanyl in schools rises; CORE Clinic advocates Narcan and education for opioid crisis response.

In the heart of Sacramento, CORE Medical Clinic stands as a beacon of hope in the escalating battle against opioid addiction, particularly the alarming rise of fentanyl in schools. This crisis, no longer confined to adults, now shadows the hallways of our middle and high schools, making opioid treatment and education more crucial than ever.

The Rising Threat of Fentanyl in Schools

Recent reports reveal a startling trend: opioids, especially fentanyl, are increasingly being found in the hands of our youth. The synthetic opioid's potency is alarming, leading to an uptick in overdose cases among students. CORE Medical Clinic in Sacramento acknowledges this crisis, striving to provide effective solutions.

Naloxone: A Life-Saving Measure

The key to combating these overdoses lies in naloxone, commonly known by its brand name, Narcan. This medication, capable of reversing opioid overdoses, is now an over-the-counter lifesaver. CORE Medical Clinic champions the widespread availability of Narcan in schools, recognizing its potential to save young lives.

Education and Prevention Strategies

Understanding the importance of education in this fight, CORE Medical Clinic offers extensive resources and training programs. These are designed to equip students, educators, and parents with the knowledge to identify and respond to opioid overdoses, creating a safety net within our educational institutions.

CORE Medical Clinic: Your Ally in Opioid Treatment

At CORE Medical Clinic, we offer comprehensive opioid treatment programs tailored to the needs of the Sacramento community. Our team of experts provides compassionate care, utilizing the latest in addiction medicine to guide individuals on their journey to recovery.

The opioid crisis, particularly the surge in fentanyl misuse, presents a formidable challenge to our schools. CORE Medical Clinic in Sacramento stands at the forefront, offering effective treatments, educational resources, and advocating for the availability of naloxone in schools. Together, we can safeguard our youth and build a healthier, safer community.