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Conquering Opioid Addiction in Sacramento: CORE Medical Clinic's Targeted Approach to Overcome Stigma and Provide Effective Treatment


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CORE Clinic leads in Sacramento's opioid fight, offering stigma-free, effective addiction treatments.

In the midst of an escalating opioid crisis in the United States, CORE Medical Clinic in Sacramento stands at the forefront of offering compassionate and effective solutions for those battling opioid addiction. The crisis, marked by a significant rise in opioid overdose deaths, demands a nuanced understanding of the role of stigma and the urgent need for comprehensive treatment approaches.

Understanding the Opioid Crisis: Insights from CORE Medical Clinic

The opioid crisis is a complex public health emergency, deeply rooted in social and economic factors. CORE Medical Clinic recognizes that addressing this crisis requires a multifaceted approach, including primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies. The clinic emphasizes the importance of understanding the different dimensions of stigma related to opioid use, which continue to hinder effective responses to this crisis.

Stigma: A Barrier to Treatment and Recovery

One of the fundamental challenges in addressing opioid addiction is the pervasive stigma surrounding it. CORE Medical Clinic works tirelessly to combat both public and enacted stigma, which often manifest as negative stereotypes and discriminatory behaviors towards individuals with opioid use disorders (OUDs). This stigma can lead to suboptimal care and reduced access to treatment and harm reduction services.

CORE Medical Clinic's Approach to Opioid Addiction Treatment in Sacramento

At CORE Medical Clinic, the focus is on providing evidence-based treatments tailored to individual needs. Their approach includes the use of opioid agonist medications like methadone and buprenorphine, combined with psychosocial interventions. This method aligns with the gold-standard treatments for OUDs and is proven to reduce mortality and improve outcomes.

Expanding Access to Care and Reducing Harm

CORE Medical Clinic is dedicated to expanding access to care for those affected by the opioid crisis in Sacramento. This includes offering a range of services aimed at reducing the harms of ongoing opioid use for individuals who are not yet ready or able to achieve sustained remission. These services include access to sterile injection equipment, supervised consumption facilities, and overdose education and naloxone distribution.

Addressing the Complex Layers of the Crisis

The clinic understands that the opioid crisis is not just a medical issue but also a social one, influenced by various structural factors. CORE Medical Clinic is actively engaged in initiatives that address these broader aspects, including advocating for policy changes and participating in community outreach programs.

CORE Medical Clinic: A Beacon of Hope in Sacramento

CORE Medical Clinic in Sacramento emerges as a beacon of hope amidst the opioid crisis, offering comprehensive and stigma-free treatment options. With a deep understanding of the crisis's complexities and a commitment to personalized care, the clinic stands as a pivotal resource for those seeking help with opioid addiction in Sacramento.