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CORE Medical Clinic: Leading the Fight Against Opioid Addiction in Sacramento, California



CORE Medical Clinic tackles opioid crisis in Sacramento with treatment and education.

CORE Medical Clinic in Sacramento, California, is dedicated to combating the escalating opioid crisis, particularly the surge in fentanyl-related incidents. Our approach combines cutting-edge treatment, community education, and compassionate care to address this alarming public health issue.

The Fentanyl Crisis: A Growing Concern:

The rise in fentanyl poisonings has left families across the nation in mourning, mirroring a national trend that is deeply concerning. CORE Medical Clinic understands these challenges and is committed to providing effective opioid addiction treatments to our community.

Innovative Treatment Approaches:

Our clinic offers a range of treatments, including medication-assisted therapy, counseling, and support groups. We focus on the whole person, addressing not just the addiction but also the underlying mental health issues that often accompany substance abuse.

Naloxone: A Life-Saving Tool:

Aligned with national harm-reduction strategies, CORE Medical Clinic advocates for the widespread availability of naloxone. This life-saving medication can reverse the effects of opioid overdoses, a critical measure in saving lives amidst the fentanyl crisis.

Community Education and Support:

Educating the Sacramento community about the dangers of fentanyl and the importance of safe medication practices is a top priority for us. We offer workshops, seminars, and support groups for families affected by opioid addiction, fostering a supportive network for healing and recovery.

Legal and Policy Advocacy:

CORE Medical Clinic actively participates in advocacy efforts to reform drug laws and policies. We aim to promote fair and effective legal responses to drug-related offenses, focusing on treatment and rehabilitation rather than punitive measures.

CORE Medical Clinic in Sacramento is a beacon of hope in the fight against opioid addiction. With a comprehensive approach to treatment, education, and advocacy, we strive to make a tangible difference in our community. Contact us for more information or to access our services.