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Dr. Randell L. Stenson

Effective Opioid Treatment in Sacramento: Ensuring Healthy Pregnancies with MOUD



Are you seeking effective opioid treatment in Sacramento, California, particularly during pregnancy? Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) provide a beacon of hope for expectant mothers grappling with addiction, significantly improving the health outcomes for both mother and child.

Understanding MOUD in Pregnancy:

MOUD has become the gold standard for treating opioid-dependent pregnant women in Sacramento. The treatment ensures that expectant mothers deliver full-term babies, who are healthier compared to infants born to mothers who decide to taper off MOUD. Opting for MOUD treatment minimizes the risk of pre-term births, low birth weight, and long-term health complications for newborns.

Mitigating Withdrawal Risks:

It is common for newborns of mothers under MOUD treatment to experience withdrawal. However, the likelihood of withdrawal does not correlate with the mother’s MOUD dosage. With advancements in neonatal care in Sacramento, withdrawal in newborns is now manageable, presenting substantially fewer risks compared to the potential complications arising from premature births due to maternal relapse.

Support through Delivery and Beyond:

Expectant mothers need guidance and support to navigate through the challenges of opioid addiction. Through education on MOUD, pregnant women understand the necessity of adjusting their Methadone or Buprenorphine doses as the pregnancy progresses. Following delivery, mothers are guided through a gradual dose reduction process, supporting their return to a stabilized, baseline dose while emphasizing the advantages of breastfeeding.

MOUD Coordination for Surgical Procedures:

For those patients in Sacramento who are on MOUD and require surgery, communication and planning are imperative. The coordination ensures that patients can continue their MOUD treatment with minimal disruption, effectively managing pain post-procedure with the least amount of additional opioids necessary. Transitioning to non-opioid medications as soon as possible post-surgery is also a key focus of opioid treatment in Sacramento.


For opioid-dependent expectant mothers in Sacramento, California, MOUD offers a robust and supportive treatment framework that not only ensures the health and well-being of the mother but also guarantees a safer and healthier start for the newborn. With proper education, support, and coordination from healthcare professionals, mothers can confidently navigate through their pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum periods while effectively managing their opioid addiction. For more information on opioid treatment during pregnancy in Sacramento, reach out to our dedicated team of experts today.

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